Maxime Colomb
Geographer Engineer
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2015/2018 : PhD for the COGIT labortory at the French National Mapping Agency (IGN)
2012/2013 : Masters degree in Geography, specialized in GIS at the University Jean Monnet of Saint Etienne.
2008/2013 : Masters degree in Civil Engineering at ENISE
2008 : Scientific Baccalauréat with distinction

Work experience

April/June 2014 : Mapping of a rice production site near Savannakhet, Laos, for les Ateliers de la Péninsule
March 2014 : Spatial analysis concerning the location of Zaatar W Zeit bakery's customers in Beirut.
March 2014 : Semantic intervention for the conception of a map concerning the artistic project interzone playground in Athènes.
November 2013 :First learning of GIS for architecture students, using QGIS.
October 2013 : Mapping command for the Bimby project of architect Marie Clement.
September 2013 : Creation of a professional structure offering services in the field of geomatics.
March - July 2013 : Internship for IMU concerning landmarks, neighborhood and urban locating, via an original mashup website.
February - June 2012 : Fellow researcher for the Megacities lab at USC, Los Angeles, working on a pre-global urban modelling.
February - June 2011 : Assistant site manager on a hospital building site.
2009-2011 : Mathematics and Physic lessons for High-School students.

Technic skills

Software mastered Informatics languages Language
ArcGIS/QGIS/Grass Java Fluent English
Microsoft Office Suite SQL Conversational German
AutoCAD HTML/CSS Basic Spanish
Adobe Illustrator/Inkscape Basics in Python, PHP and JavaScript Basic Lao
Ableton Live Familiar with Linux/Unix environment

Clean Driving License
First Aid Certificate


Traveling is my passion. I love discovering new culture and places. I’ve visited a lot of European countries, and most of the states and cities of the west coast of the United States. I have also lived and worked in Lao PDR.

I’m writing a lot about those experiences. I am running a blog where I post about differents subjects.

I like music. I play the guitar, the harmonica and sing in a small band

I like hiking, playing Handball and climbing.