Maxime Colomb
PhD in Geomatics
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Parcel Manager

Library providing functions, algorithms and workflows to process various parcel reshaping operations. A graphical user interface has been made to allow users to process parcel management operations codeless. There are multiple ways of using this library.

Attributes are now only adapted for a french context but implementation of new country's nomenclature are possible. Please refer to this parcel attribute and marking documentation.
This model has been developped during a post-doc contract for the ThéMA laboratory of the university of Franche-Comté.
Still under active developpement.

Download GUI (JVM 15 needed and you must know how to run .sh scripts)

Scheme of ways to use Parcel Manager

This project is under the GNU Affero General Public License v3.0

Parcel Manager's source code

Parcel Manager GUI's source code