Maxime Colomb
PhD in Geomatics
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Territorial analyses using GIS

In addition to providing an easier way of representation, GIS is also able to produce spatial extensive studies. The data, organized in structured databases or not, can be overlapped with these geographic spatial information. A large area of operations had become possible as in the field of statistics, geometry or social sciences. However the field and the type of analysis have to be proceeded, if it takes a spatial parameter, it must be treated by a GIS.

The implementation of a new retail center, a study in order to choose the best route, separate zones between several parties or differentiate territorial decision are easy-to-treat questions with this powerful tool. Multi-criteria analyzes are particularly adapted to solve these problems. Do not hesitate to contact me if you’re interested, we can talk about your problem and find a methodology to solve it.

tollbooth implantation research
Fictional study for the implantation of a tollbooth regarding multiples criteria, on a 3D satellite images
location of a new residential block
Study for a new residential block on the regional park of Pilat

GIS has existed since the sixties and a lot of spatial problems have benefited from using GIS. For example during the explosion of Yugoslavia, the use of GIS was the main tool to partition the new territories.